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Flight Simulator Rental Services

Ever dreamed about being a fighter pilot?

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Now you can experience all the thrills of piloting a high fidelity F-16 simulator in the comfort of your own location.  DMS LLC provides the most realistic and exciting experience available for your next party, corporate event, trade show or public gathering.  DMS LLC can deliver anywhere in the continental US within 48 hours of booking the rental.

Make your next aviation or jet pilot theme party, one they will never forget. The simulator allows your guests to take the controls of one of America's greatest and most successful multirole fighter aircraft, the F-16 Fighting Falcon in the Block 52+ configuration.  Once inside the cockpit, fully interact and try to shoot down enemy fighters and fire precision air to ground weapons to destroy enemy ground targets.  DMS LLC specializes in surprise birthday parties and airline pilot retirement parties.

Discrete services for celebrities and VIP clients are available.

Climb into the cockpit of a military F-16 Flight Simulator.  DMS LLC's  highly capable staff makes it easy to pilot the simulator, and customize each party to ensure an enjoyable experience regardless of previous military or pilot experience.

No prior pilot experience is required, and by the end of the rental, all in attendance will have experienced the thrills of dog fighting in the F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft simulator.


Each flight in the simulator(s) consists of one of the following experiences:

1. The Air Combat Experience (F-16 Fighting Falcon Simulator)

• Welcoming each pilot and instructions on getting in and out of the simulator.

• Pilot then puts on communication headset, and instructor performs communications check.

• Quick discussion on the pilot’s previous flight, flight simulator or video game experience.

• Cockpit familiarization and pointing out which buttons and functions will be used for the flight.

• “Crash course” on how to fly and control the F-16 with the limited displacement side stick controller.

• Simulator is paused in flight and a brief instruction on the basic use of the HUD display.

• Pilot is given control of the simulator and instructed on shooting down the enemy aircraft.

• Pilot is coached on controlling the aircraft and high-g maneuvering to acquire additional targets.

2. The Basic Flight Around Local Area Experience (QuickPit Simulator)

• Same as above with the air combat replaced by taking off from local Airport.

• Navigating around the city landmarks, and positioning of the aircraft for final approach and landing.

• Attempt to land at local Airport.

Increase both visibility and sales at your companies next trade show.  DMS LLC offers complete trade show packages including express transportation, setup/teardown, and 2 friendly professional attendants to run the simulator for one low price.  This flight simulator system is a people magnet.  Thunderous sound and large projection screens insure that your booth or floor space, will be the talk of the show.

DMS LLC's previous simulation projects have won multiple best of show awards including:

  • E3: Introduction of Thrustmaster Cougar - Best new computer peripheral of the year.
  • IAAPA: AH-64 Longbow flight simulator with full motion and dome - Best of show overall.

Rental rates start at $1,500 for local DFW TX. Area and go up to $5,500 a day (West coast/East coast) depending on location, additional services purchased and the total number of days the consumer wants the simulator at their location.


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