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Distributive Military Simulators LLC (DMS LLC)

Distributive Military Simulators LLC

DMS LLC is a certified veteran owned small business (VOSB) that has military grade flight simulators available for government sales or private/commercial rentals.  DMS LLC currently has several flight simulators for immediate delivery to any continental US location within 48 Hours of booking

the rental event, or 7 days from time of purchase. 

DMS LLC now offers our simulators for international rental events. DMS LLC can obtain all necessary required Temporary Import Bonds (TIB) and/or ATA Carnet Bonds needed to comply with all US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) terms and conditions associated with transporting military flight simulators to foreign countries.

DMS LLC introduces the world's first truly complete Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) complete Military F-16 BLK 52+ Flight Simulator System.  DMS' LLCs flight simulation systems are pre-built, pre-tested, and ready for immediate delivery.  DMS LLC has chosen the best COTS flight simulation products available, and integrated them into a complete F-16 military simulator training system. Complete documentation and software SDKs for the COTS sub systems are provided to ensure compatibility with your current OS and classified software requirements.

DMS LLC has eliminated the long manufacturing and integration lead times, program delays, and cost over-runs, and simplified the procurement process to a one line item COTS purchase.  Delivery and installation times are less than 7 days after purchase in the continental United States.

DMS LLC utilizes nation wide rentals for the purposes of in-field deployment and testing of the completed simulation systems.  By performing nation wide commercial/entertainment rentals, DMS LLC has proven the durability of the systems, in the most demanding environments.  Fast setup and tear down times of the complete simulation system operating at 99.95 MTBF. (Mean Time Between Failures.)

DMS LLC has produced the Highly Deployable, lower cost, F-16 BLK 52+ Fighting Falcon Flight Simulator complete simulation package ready for immediate government procurement or private/commercial rental.

DMS LLC proudly introduces the all new QuickPit highly versatile low cost flight simulator system. The QuickPit can quickly be programed to represent any type of fixed wing aircraft including but not limited to the F-16, F-22 and F-35. With three (3) programmable touch screens the main instrument and left and right AUX panels can be represented for any aircraft type, with full functionality. Three (3) large screens wrap around the pilot and offer a stunning full HD Out The Window (OTW) view. Easy entrance and egress due to the simulated ejection seat ability to slide in and out of the cockpit structure. Adjustable seat position and rudder pedal position allow for any sized pilot to fit comfortably inside the cockpit. Entry level systems to high end systems are ready for immediate shipment, or rental at your location.

DMS LLC is your source for all of your flight simulator products and service needs. By utilizing the best products and sub contractors in the simulation industry, DMS LLC can offer high quality flight simulators and cost savings to our customers. Call one of friendly sales representatives to see how DMS LLC can save you time and money with all of your flight simulator procurement requirements.